Morning Cup of  Jazz

7 AM to 10 AM

Mon - Fri

Jazz Serenade

4 PM to 7 PM

Mon - Fri

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                                           Jazz Serenade is an "art museum of 

  jazz" featuring classics, straight-ahead, outside, inside, the blues,          Latin Jazz, big band, old, new, abstract, keys, horns, strings, vocals,       and everything else. We try to cover it all while never straying too

  far or too long from what we believe to be the essence of jazz.

  Jazz Serenade programming is by Ron Wesley of Jazz WorkshopUSA.

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                                             The main focus for this show is

 dedicated to playing as much of the music which Jazzwise     magazine  calls the “greatest jazz albums” list of favorite

 recordings and biggest sellers. Listen, learn and see if you

 agree that these albums actually changed jazz, changed

 lives and brought the music into the new millennium. 

Jazz  Channel  Redux

7 PM to 7 AM

Mon - Fri

Jazz Variations

10 AM to 1 PM

Mon - Fri

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                                            In case you missed our regularly

 scheduled daily shows or just wanted to stay dialed in, "we got you   covered". The broadcasts that happen from 7AM to 7PM are   rebroadcasted starting at 7PM  wrapping up at 7AM, just before

 the start of a new broadcast day. Best of all is that you don't have

 to do a thing but listen, like I said before "we got you covered".

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                                             Wake up your day with an upbeat      mix of classic and contemporary jazz, plus hourly samplings

  from local news outlets as well as NPR,  local ALDOT traffic        updates and  local/regional weather reports from the

  National Weather Service.  So whatever your breakfast fare,      this is guaranteed to be the best way to start your day.