hearMobile.net is commited to launching Community Talk Radio     
in the Mobile metropolitan area. Our approach will be in phases,      
starting with raising the level of the familarity with this format by       
exposing the community to talk stations located in other parts of the 
country and yes, the world, via talk radio from Kingston,Jamaica.     

Click this link to listen to some Talk Radio stations

It is our sincere hope that after hearing what others are experiencing    
in their respective communities, that folk in our area will see the benefits
of having a similar media platform that facilitate the exchange of ideas.  

hearMobile.net’s goal is to empower our community by providing the
locally focused programming that no longer exist as a result of media
business closures and market domination by media conglomerates.  

hearMobile.net’s new channel will be called ‘Community Talk Radio’
and will feature media content that is for us, by us and about us.       
We would love to hear your thoughts, goto this link and let's connect.

An Overview of Talk Radio

Talk radio is a radio format containing discussion about
topical issues and consisting almost entirely of original
spoken word content rather than music content.          

Most shows are regularly hosted by a single individual
and often feature interviews with a number of different
guests whose input contributes to the flow of the show.

Talk radio shows typically includes an element of listener
participation, usually by broadcasting live conversations
between the host and listeners who "call in" (usually via
  telephone) to the show which the audience also hears.    

Generally, the shows are organized into segments, each     
separated by a pause for advertisements; however, in          
public or non-commercial radio, music is sometimes played
in place of commercials to separate the show's segments.  

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