Community Talk's Starting Five

(1) Fred/Karlos as a 'shadow' Mayor

(3) William Carroll for District 2

Title of the document

Community Talk believes the results from this most recent election season represents a lost opportunity for the African American community in Mobile Al to flex its political muscle by electing officials capable of making significant political, social and economic advancement for our Community.      We fully support Herman Thomas and William Carroll for City Council districts 1 and 2, respectively.

 August 24th 2021 is Election Day in our great City, please exercise your right to vote on this 

 date, follow all protocols established to help protect you the Covid-19 pandemic.

NEWS FLASH:  MOBILE CITY GOVERNMENT needs an ENEMA! (Your Vote(s) Matters)

Join us in our call a fresh start with a fresh crop of elected officials dedicated to serving the interests of our neglected African American communities and neighborhoods.​​

(2) Herman Thomas for District 1

​​(4) CJ Small for District 3 -  RELUCTANTLY

(5) Allan J Barnes as a surrogate